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In addition to the characteristics, we have enlisted the qualities we seek of talented individuals, together with a detailed summary to outline the role for each respective position.

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In-line with our organisational and HR strategy, we focus heavily on the members that form part of our family and the innovative, entrepreneurial, and dynamic culture which we have created to make Steves&Co. the agency that it is. Among the relentless training and development, we have processes and procedures in place to drive individuals to perform. The culture itself, which we continue to  nurture and build upon, sustains the working environment and motivates team members to come to work enthusiastically every morning. It is through a combination of these factors, among others, that we ensure thriving both as an agency and individually as we are determined to ensure that we attract, recruit and retain talent.

We are driven by our core values, namely: Commitment, Innovation, Investment for Growth, Integrity, Individuality, and Flexibility. We therefore seek people who believe and are guided by the same qualities to ensure that we continue to develop an ever-growing, dynamic family that can gel together to achieve our goals.

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We are always seeking talented individuals who share our ethos, values and vision. Therefore, whether or not your area of expertise is listed in the vacancies section, we would like to hear from you. We invite you to send your cover letter, CV and any portfolio showcasing previous works (if applicable) to, indicating your area of expertise and qualifications.

Our individual team members can attest to the dynamic, unique and rewarding working environment. If that’s not enough, we also organise various events outside of the office to help us grow together, developing as a family as we progress and expand to reach new horizons.


At Steves&Co., we believe in giving equal opportunities to anyone interested in working with us. Therefore, we would like to provide anyone who shares the same vision, objectives, and values and who fulfils the required criteria, with a chance to hone their skills and competencies through valuable work experiences. We are also eager to learn from our interns. Allowing interns to focus on assignments that matter, we cultivate talent and likewise, our team will depend on your skillset for insights to deliver projects in accordance with market and agency standards. Thus, whether you’re interested in design, web development, marketing, social media, creative writing or any other related field, we would like to help you to kick-start your career. To do so, you may get in touch by emailing us on