Osborne Tailored Catering

Osborne Tailored Catering is a well established boutique catering & event hosting service. Our team at Steves&Co. was called upon to create a revised brand identity fitting the established heritage. The rebrand was expressed through a redesign of the logo, a new responsive website, setting a Tone of Voice and creating a more engaging online experience.

  1. Introducing the year of foundation to underscore the established heritage of the brand.
  2. Retaining the familiarity and elegant feel of the original logo (1).
  3. Recognising the significance of 'Tailored Catering' to emphasise the personalisation of the services offered.
1. Original Logo (1)
2. Original Logo (2)

Our team designed and developed osbornecaterers.com as part of the refresh. We opted for a clean yet elegant design to make the online experience for visitors a pleasant one.

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1. Primary Font
2. Secondary Font
3. Logo Font
4. Colour Palette

The colour palette and typography were chosen to complement both the classic and contemporary qualities of the brand. With the application of dark navy, muted gold and light grey colours, our team successfully merged elements from the original brand with the new approach of Osborne Tailored Catering.