Butcher’s Barn

Industry: Food & Beverage
Services: BrandingDesignResearchStrategy
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The Brief.

Multibien UK Ltd. entered the European food and beverage industry needing to create immediate impact in an already crowded marketplace.

The FMCG suppliers asked Steves&Co. to create their first entry range of products for the company’s frozen meat and poultry division. It was agreed that priority would be given to the creation and naming of a new brand to represent the frozen food product range. Collateral would include all packaging and POS artwork – a challenging brief considering the sheer scale and territory that the agency had to consider when taking the new brand to market.

The Approach.

An intensive period of research and strategic interrogation meant that the agency was able to appreciate exactly how to enter the new brand into the congested European market. The understanding was that Multibien would only have a brief and singular opportunity to win new business across the European union, an added pressure when concepting the new brand.

The Steves&Co. copy department developed the brand name, ‘Butcher’s Barn’, a strong creative identity that led to slogan creation, colour studies, food photography and eye-catching packaging design of an entire range of frozen food products.

The Result.

Within 1 month of launching, the new range saw a very positive boom in shelf pick-up. The focus had always been to create a product that would stand out amongst the competition, an imperative goal if Butcher’s Barn was to be a success. Consumers identified with the concept behind a frozen food supplier that still empathised with public interest in the origins of what they were eating.

Our approach not only allowed for the brand identity to be flexible across a number of pack formats and product varieties but it was one that engaged with simple but important consumer insight and emotion.