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The Brief.

As a Maltese institution that is proud of its roots, it seemed appropriate for the Corinthia Group to choose an established Maltese branding and design agency that has led a number of successful hospitality and F&B projects, not only in Malta, but also in its independent European outposts in Prague and Budapest.

The agency has been commissioned to lead a series of brand creation and development projects since the beginning of 2014, including a flurry of activity that has seen the agency create and market some of the island’s most popular restaurant nightspots and pop ups. The varied nature of the work has given the team invaluable exposure to the nuanced and competitive luxury hotel industry, where attention to detail has been everything.

White Olive

We delivered White Olive, a chic but casual dining hotspot with a great creative direction and context.

It also meant a lot for the creative team to market a concept that engaged with Malta’s unique gastro heritage in such an elegant manner. Malta is the only place in the world where white olives can be found – and the restaurant represents everything good about the culture of the islands, including a passion for great food and stylish design.

Corinthia Independent Hotels

The Panorama Hotel in Prague and The Aquincum Hotel in Budapest are two institutions that dominate their city skylines, and are frequented by both Czech Republic and Hungary’s most illustrious visitors.

The brief to deliver the digital campaigns for a series of seasonal occasions was a perfect exhibition of the agency’s versatility and quality on an international stage.

Da Marina

Steves&Co. was tasked to launch and promote the new Da Marina restaurant, situated at another Corinthia independent hotel, the Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort.

The project was an exercise in brand creation and pre-launch PR. Drawing on rustic, post-modern Italian design, the charming restaurant was a triumph for the design team who worked closely with Corinthia’s inhouse marketing team to ensure that Da Marina was a well known name for Maltese food lovers, before it had even opened its doors.

The Lobster Punch

Early in our relationship, Corinthia approached Steves&Co. with an open brief: to deliver a visual for a gastro experience campaign surrounding the celebration (and consumption) of everyone’s favourite crustacean.

The Lobster Punch was met with widespread public approval, so much so, that it was extended to run long after its initial commission. A combination of vibrant, unapologetic design, a great name, and an excellent social campaign supported by passionate endorsements, The Lobster Punch is a showcase of our ability to deliver success with panache and individuality.

The Result.

Steves&Co. has worked with the Corinthia Group at a time of rapid expansion, for both the hotelier and the agency which, more than anything, is a testament to our commitment to our clients – “when you grow, we grow”.

The launch of four restaurants and the management of over 5 seasonal, digital campaigns for the European Hotels is a record of a client relationship built on creative trust, and should speak for itself. However, we can do better.

On every project where Steves&Co. and the The Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort has collaborated, the leading hotel company has seen a remarkable reward for its trust, none more so than The Lobster Punch, which saw a 1200% return on the investment the client put into our team.