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The Brief.

Dulux Malta wanted to create a stronger association between its portfolio offering and the loyal customer base who considered Dulux solely a paint provider. The retailer wanted to emotionally engage current and potential consumers with stronger relevance to colour, driving awareness to emerging market sectors.

The Approach.

What’s Your Dulux? was a mixed media campaign pushed predominantly through social channels. Social media is hugely popular in Malta, and a major asset for a brand. The strategy unit at Steves&Co. agreed to combine a social campaign with a bespoke digital platform to drive product awareness.

The agency built an online portal for the public to create their own colour palette tiles and name them, whilst also promoting the Dulux Visualiser App. Every week participants were in the chance to win free Dulux paint vouchers, ensuring that a bank of creative collateral was consolidated for future PR drives.

The Result.

Alongside sustained success on social channels, and a heavy stream of traffic to the bespoke online portal, perhaps the greatest indicator of the success of the What’s Your Dulux? campaign could be measured by the downloads volume of the Dulux Visualiser App. The app was catapulted into the top 10 spot of the national download charts, where it remained throughout the promotion, a significant achievement for a brand that boasted a loyal, but isolated, consumer following.