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The Brief.

Steves&Co. was tasked to create a financial services company that would provide a conduit between European and Asian markets. Introducing new brands and products to the Asian markets is a notoriously nuanced process, one that Steves&Co. had previously undergone with some success with an FMCG brand.

The client understood this difficulty, and challenged the agency to name and create the brand for the firm, a brief that included concepting the company profile and all marketing collateral.

The Approach.

The Bosforus Bridge, the prime landlink between Europe and Asia is also known by the locals as ‘The First Bridge’. The phrase is an auspicious one in many Asian cultures, and was seized upon by the copy department due to its strong core principles that could be easily translated to a financial context.

Bridging the gap to form ‘Firstbridge’ was a subtle nod towards the progressive ambition of the financial services provider.

The Result.

Our client was immediately impressed with the research and thought process behind the new firm, particularly as the result was a brand that was resonant across the two cultures it straddled – cultures with vastly different approaches to business and finance.

Having successfully pitched Firstbridge as a concept, Steves&Co. has now been entrusted with brand strategy and implementation for the foreseeable future.