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The Brief.

Steves&Co. was commissioned by the then ‘Flyaway Tours’ in 2014 to carry out a complete rebrand of the established Maltese Travel Agent. The popular company had offered expert travel guidance for 30 years.

The objective was to give Flyaway Tours a new look and feel, refreshing the entirety of its inventory, including the flagship biannual travel brochure disseminated in the national media. The aim was to appeal to new market segments, expanding its customer base to include millennials and young professionals, while consolidating existing business streams.

The Approach.

Perhaps the most noticeable update to the brand was losing the ‘Tours’ suffix, freeing up the brand to become Flyaway. The change complemented the new, fresh and spacious look and feel of the brand. Wide-angle photography, vast landscapes and an economy of words all served to refresh the aesthetic, while the creation of Flyaway’s new tagline explore. dream. discover. was an elegant accompaniment.

The Result.

A fruitful and enjoyable relationship was established with Flyaway, who put a liberating amount of trust in our ability to deliver an engaging brand identity. The rebrand mirrored the company’s forward-looking vision –something we innately sympathised with. The new creative strategy was implemented across the whole of the travel agency’s collateral within the year.

Ian Tonna, Flyaway’s managing director, had this to say:

“Our decision to partner with Steves&Co., is a reflection of the skill and dedication the agency has shown us since the initial stages, and is primarily driven by a change in our business needs as we move forward … The new name, logo and colour scheme present an altogether more approachable brand, while the design of the website and brochure is easier to navigate, both widening Flyaway’s audience and paving the way for future growth and development.”