Mr. Green

Industry: iGaming
Services: DesignTechnology
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The Brief.

Swedish iGaming company, Mr Green, approached Steves&Co. for a refined creative approach to its online presence.

The request was clear – to expand on current themes and visuals, giving the aesthetics a revamp whilst keeping to strict brand guidelines.

Such instructions ensured that Mr Green, as a persona, was kept to the mysterious, ever-classy gentleman he is recognised to be.

The task was brimming with creative potential, primarily due to fun, flashy and often playful, designs.

The Approach.

The team aimed to create an engaging concept landing page with new impetus through the intensification of every aspect of the existing brand. The idea was not to recreate a brand but rather to amplify it. Thus, the initial concept materialised into an impressive new landing page carrying the tagline Fortune Favours the Brave.

The copy allocated to the supplementary banners and promotional material matched the bold brand identity through its sharp tone and sumptuous element.

This notion was fortified through the sprawling mansion, radiant backdrop and shiny cars which featured in the page.

The creatives added extra flair through the movement of cards surrounding the protagonist, which served to induce further person-to-web interaction and engagement, really immersing users into the gaming playground that is Mr Green.

The Result.

The firm succeeded in elevating the brand through its bold and unapologetic design. The end result was that of a multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing, engaging digital campaign; one that is testimony to the agency’s versatility and far reaching abilities.

This initial project truly served to open the doors to fruitful future endeavours for the firm and client alike.

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