The Bradbury YCS

Industry: Marine, Food & Beverage
Services: BrandingDesign
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The Brief.

Steves&Co. was employed to create a brand identity for the collaborative project between expert chef Michael Bradbury and culinary entrepreneur Mark Zammit. The firm had enjoyed a close working relationship with Mark through projects such as Zammeats, and was the natural choice for an ambitious start-up that would bring luxury catering to Malta’s vast yachting network.

In response, Steves&Co. was asked to present a brand identity that mirrored the affluence of the service’s prospective clientele, and be an aspirational force within the luxury catering market in both Malta and in marinas throughout the Mediterranean.

The Approach.

The creative team had the advantage of drawing on extensive experience in bringing luxury lifestyle brands to market, and were well placed to answer the brief.

Moving towards a minimal, premium look and feel, The Bradbury Yachting Concierge Service was brought to life. Naming the company after its celebrated owner and playing on the international weight of the surname, the Bradbury brand was delivered to a delighted client.

The Result.

With a unified aesthetic direction, Bradbury was ready to be introduced to the yachting world. It’s an aspirational vessel that carries the professionalism and bespoke qualities that its clients will be so used to.

Perhaps our proudest achievement when considering the new concierge service is that, despite minimal exposure and the niche nature of the product, consumers understand and appreciate exactly what The Bradbury Yachting Concierge Service offers to a demanding customer base.